My artworks try to show an intrinsic sense of spirit and joy which fills all life. They celebrate emotion and sensuality through the use of paint, brush and palette knife with lines and drips. Each work is an atom of growth in the deep spiral curve of life. 
My subject matter is quite varied as I like to experiment with different techniques and looks. I am fascinated with the human face and sometimes paint portraits using palette knives and colour as tone. Most of my portraits feature lines or drips as I feel the soul of the painting needs protection from too much exposure and that these keep the world at bay just a bit. I mostly take photos of people I meet in life and paint them.  
Abstracts are also a passion of mine and my works tend to become abstract alien landscapes or dystopian worlds. Sometimes I incorporate sewn wool and string to add a 3D dimension to a flat painting.  
I would like people to react to my work from their own unique perspective. Whatever I felt when creating the work becomes secondary as soon as it is finished as the response of the viewer then takes precedence. I want to create paintings which evoke an emotional response in the viewer. To take them to a visual world of imagination, colour and joy.

I give private Art lessons to adults and children from my studio and love the opportunity this gives me to spread and encourage creativity in the world. Link to By Believing One Sees is


My paintings are uploaded regularly onto my web site and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them. Please feel free to give me feedback or any thoughts you may have. 
All paintings are for sale online. Buy an original art work and support South African artists!